I went to see Dr Bob for chronic neck pain and jaw discomfort that I thought I would have to live with and wasn't sure what to do about it. Through Dr Bob adjusting me and teaching me a few exercises over a few weeks time, my neck pain is gone and my jaw doesn't fatigue any longer. I have been most impressed with Dr Bob's knowledge and skills to get to the "root" of my problem. Dr Bob is helpful, friendly, and professional and he is listens to his patients' needs.


Dr. Newhalfen is an outstanding physician that goes above and beyond for each of his patients. He researches extensively, staying on top of current developments that impact patient care and is always taking continuing education courses to ensure his treatment protocols are cutting edge. As a doctor myself, Dr. Newhalfen is our go to physician when we need to refer a patient for musculoskeletal care in the Northwest Indiana region. He demonstrates the highest level of competency in the skills and knowledge required to deliver outstanding treatment to all of his patients. Thank you Dr. Newhalfen!


This place is the best chiropractic office in the area. Dr. Fuller is amazing and takes a complete holistic/natural approach to reducing back pain. I had a slipped disk in my lower back and within a week my back was feeling better without surgery or crazy costs. I would recommend any one to come here and ask for Dr. Fuller.


Dr. Bob is legit - patient, genuine and well detailed. His knowledge shines through his work as he teaches you how to use your body properly. I highly recommend his services and am one happy girl to no longer have TMJ pain.


I was having neck and back pain for awhile and went to visit Dr Bob. After the first three treatments I was already starting to feel better. He got down to the root of my problem and helped me fix it. He also gave me "homework" which helped me feel great in between treatments. He is very knowledgeable and was excited to help me start feeling better. I haven't had any major headaches since I started seeing Dr Bob a few months ago and now I just go once a month for an adjustment to keep on track. Also, Kim the massage therapist is great and I've never felt better after a massage. Thank you to Dr. Bob and his amazing staff.


I was referred to Dr. Bob from my dentist to help with my Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJ. The techniques and exercises he had me do, while a little weird at first, has helped greatly. My kids don't have to be grossed out anymore as my jaw no longer clicks while at the dinner table! Thanks Doc!


Amazing staff, advanced treatment methods and results! I highly recommend Northwest Indiana Chiropractic!


Dr. Bob is one the most compassionate, caring Doctor I have even gone to. I have sever spinal issues, that no one has been able to work through, with in three months going three times a weeks, he relieved so much of the pain.. He is not just a Chiropractor where some people think they only crack backs, No, DR. Bob uses so many other methods of treatments. He has also been able to help with severe hormone issues, that my own GYN would not run special testing that was needed to figure out what is going on. I highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Bob, for any issues your are having, he treats your whole body not just cracks a back like all the other Chiropractors do. He is one of the best!!


Very friendly staff. And very knowledgable doctors.


Dr. Bob has helped me tremendously. He is patient, kind and explains why he is doing every treatment. His therapy is a great experience.


We have had a great experience. Dr. Bob has helped both my daughter an I by listening to what we tell him our issues are and what we want to be able to do. He individualizes his care for each patient.


Great experience..all the way around, office is nice, super clean, front desk staff very friendly, massage therapist and trainer are very talented at their craft, Doc.Bob is very knowledgeable..not only did I feel great after my first visit, he also is very interested in teaching you how to maintain your body in between visits and for the future!


Dr. Bob is awesome! He tells you what he is doing and why he is doing it. Always feel better after getting aligned. He also has an amazing massage therapist. Kim is by far the best therapist I've seen. She has a firm hand and always applies the right amount of pressure in the right location. The receptionist is great too! Brittany will call you to confirm your appointment and gives you enough time to reschedule if need be. She is always 1 step of the game. The trainers are also very helpful. At the beginning of the year I was struggling with 135lbs. on the bench. After 4 months of training, I can bench 280lbs. Great office with great people. Definitely recommend NWI Chiropractic!


Dr. Bob is a great doc he is one of the few doctors I have been to who has a focus on functional health. He was not about a quick fix instead he offered advice on how prevent any further injury and promote proper mobility in my spine. 3 visits later I was back and better than ever and armed with a ton of knowledge.


Dr. Bob has not only done a great job in addressing my health issues during my office visits, but he's also taught me a tremendous amount about caring for myself between visits. He's a great doctor AND a great teacher. Highly recommended!


I took my very apprehensive 17 month old to Dr. Bob for issues regarding his foot and knee. Dr. Bob was so warm and thorough with my sons evaluation that we left with a set of simple exercises, peace of mind, and he even had my son belly laughing. With in a couple of weeks we had even noticed changes in my son's foot and knee. NWI chiropractic has it all: warm inviting staff, excellent knowledge, and up to date on all the latest, and even massage therapy.


I first visited Dr. Bob last October after I had decided it was in my best interest to hit the gym like the prodigal son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jillian Michaels. I had little to no training in the gym, and I hadn’t worked out on a consistent basis in years, so of course after 7 pull-ups, I wrecked my shoulders and lost the ability to move it without screaming profanities and wondering why I wanted to look like Ryan Reynolds circa 2004. After a few days of pain, I realized I needed outside help and my sister recommended Dr. Bob Newhalfen. I judge a doctor heavily on the amount of care and attention he or she gives a patient, and Dr. Bob spent two hours with me my first visit, going over my symptoms, history, and helping relieve the pain in my neck and back. We talked about where I wanted to be physically activities I was interested in pursuing. I was really impressed with the care I received. I left feeling far better than I had hoped, and I was excited to not only feel “normal” again, but to surpass where I was before I was hurt. I started seeing the massage therapists on a regular basis and doing physical therapy once a week. Kim and Kyle are brilliant massage therapists. Their techniques vary, but both are very attentive and possess an uncanny ability for finding and reducing pain. I always leave their tables with less pain in my shoulders and back, feeling relaxed and flexible, which has a peaceful effect on my mind as well. The physical therapy and training has done wonders for me! Dr. Megan is awesome! She is a Chiropractic Sorcerer! An A.R.T. Artist! A Medicinal Marvel! I started physical therapy with her in October, and I felt a reduction in my neck and shoulder pain within days. In February, after feeling relatively pain free for a few months, I started training with Dr. Megan. I did not want to hurt myself in the gym again, and I trusted her to look out for me, but she did so much more. She took the time to correct my form and movement patterns. She has challenged me to make strides I would not have been able to make on my own, and she made it a priority to get to know who I am and the goals I have so that she could help me reach them. The workouts are always challenging, yet never feel impossible. OK, sometimes they do, but Dr. Megan is great at getting me through them, and I always feel better on the other side. The training has helped me immensely in the last few months, and I look forward to continue as I am seeing a lot of positive changes! I highly recommend Northwest Indiana Chiropractic Health. They are a smart, attentive, big-hearted bunch, that are in this field for all the right reasons. They generally care about helping people and want to see their patients live a healthy and happy life.


Dr. Bob is outstanding! Over the past two years I've been in unbearable pains, having to cut back on work hours, feeling like I couldn't function like I used to and overall had a feeling of defeat. I have been to doctor after doctor with no answers only to leave with more confusion about what was happening.The moment I met Dr. Bob he pinpointed every single area that was hurting me and explained to me why my pains were happening. Dr. Bob has given me my health back! Not only does he adjust and help you to feel relief he makes sure to work on exercises with you to keep your adjustments in place. He takes time with each client to make sure their routine works perfectly for them as an individual. He is one of the smartest people I have met and continues to train and learn to be able to give you the best help he can - not only with chiropractic but your health as a whole. At Northwest Indiana Chiropractic you are made the priority and each and every person there has a genuine concern for your health. I have also worked with John and Kim - they are both amazing! Kim helps me with pains I have had for a long time and I feel like I can finally feel relief and John has helped me build strength when I thought I would never be able to workout again. I am beyond grateful for my experience at Northwest Indiana Chiropractic - I finally feel like I've got my life back all thanks to Dr. Bob and his team! I have recommended him to many people and I will continue to do so - I don't know where I would be or how bad my pain would be if I didn't have the experience I did with such an amazing team! If you or your loved ones have ANY type of pain no matter what kind - go see Dr. Bob!! Thank you for all that you guys do!

John L

Dr. Bob is awesome. I had no idea where my lower back pain was coming from and he was able to target the source of it right away. Turns out I had a herniated disc & an aggravated sciatic nerve. He gave me an array of exercises to help re-strengthen my core and relieve my sciatic pain. I was back to 100% within weeks; and most importantly, I was able to heal it naturally. There is no other practice in the area like Dr. Bob's. I highly recommend using Northwest Indiana Chiropractic Health.

Luis G

Dr. Bob Newhalfen is not "just" a chiropractor, he doesn't "just crack your back", he helps you get to the root of the problem which is what you want if you truly want to "get better". I've never seen a person more passionate about their profession. A1 service!! I am a coach/trainer and owner of Life Power health and fitness so I know how to manage myself and others physically, yet I go to Dr Bob and I know how to stay in my lane and I refer ALL of my clients to Dr. Bob when I need his specialties!
I now have someone I can trust my clients with.

Share S

Northwest Indiana Chiropractic has a wonderful new way of retraining your body. Everyone there has a different part of your healing. Dr. Bob has ability to read your body right when you first walk in and he is capable of telling you where the pain is coming from. He then teaches you how to retrain your body to strengthen the weak muscles so your body can function better. He has unique techniques that has even reduced my scar tissue from surgery which I didn't think was possible. I am very grateful for the help I have received there. He takes time to teach you and to answer any questions you have with this new way of healing.

Brad N

I had never been to a chiropractor up until a month and a half ago, and I have to tell you.... The 5 star ratings you're seeing for Dr Bob and his staff are well deserved. After suffering an INSANELY painful lower back injury that sent me to the ER and 3 separate visits to different doctors, I still had no answers on what my problem was or how to fix it. Desperate, I started right here on Google and searched for "Best Chiropractors In Northwest Indiana". There is a reason Dr Bob came up first. He had my problem figured out in literally 5 minutes, and within a couple days of following his stretching and exercise regimen, I was completely back to normal. The convenience of his office location (basically 30 and 41) was a huge plus for me initially. Once I got to the office there was so much more. His staff is very friendly and his casual, outgoing personality made him easy to talk to and ask questions, no matter how ridiculous they may have sounded. His approach to preventative maintenance as opposed to multiple unnecessary visits really struck a chord as well. I knew within a few minutes of being there that I would be coming back. I would definitely recommend making a visit to his office, and while you're there, make sure you check out the attached Performance Center. The ARX Machine is NO JOKE. I used to work out religiously, and 45 seconds worth of leg presses made muscles hurt for 4 days that I didn't even know existed. After the initial shock of how awesome this thing is, I signed up for classes right away. If you're in pain, trying to prevent pain, or looking for advice on a healthier lifestyle, Northwest Indiana Chiropractic should be your first stop.


Very good!


Dr. Stacy Fuller is amazing! She's professional, personable and very good at what she does. I've had muscle stiffness of my upper back and neck for years. One look at my posture and she knew what was wrong! I followed her advice and faithfully did the exercises she prescribed. She did several adjustments and I no longer have any neck or upper back pain, not to mention I look straighter! I also had excruciating pain at the base of my thumb. I had been told previously that it was arthritis. I'd had several steroid injections and splints for it. All relief was only temporary. Dr Fuller discovered that it was in fact not arthritis, but nerve impingement due to extreme looseness in my wrist bones. Once again, I did the exercises to strengthen the tendons. Then she performed many nerve release treatments and the improvement is dramatic. All this took place over a 6 to 7 week period. I feel amazing. I'm so thankful. I highly recommend Dr Fuller, and have already referred several people to her.


Dr. Bob is exceptional! I had previously been to several docs and had countless tests with no conclusion of what was actually causing my pain. He came highly recommended so I made an appointment which was one of the best decisions I've made for myself. Within minutes, Dr. Bob was not only able to explain why I was in pain, but what could be done to correct it now and for the future. I'm in awe of his knowledge about how the body functions. He armed me with information to focus on recovering through at home exercises as well as in office therapy. His reach extends far beyond traditional Chiropractic therapy with focus on muscle therapies and nutrition for a whole body approach. He always allows an opportunity to ask questions, but his thorough explanation of each treatment will leave you confident he truly cares and has your best interest at heart. His office is in an excellent location and the entire staff is wonderful. Brittany, the Office Manager, is so accommodating and friendly! I've only been to Kim for massage, but she is hands down the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to. It's hard to find someone that uses the right amount of pressure, but she does it perfectly! John is an excellent trainer. He's patient, but very motivating! I can wholeheartedly say I would recommend Northwest Indiana Chiropractic to anyone wanting to improve their overall health, whether in pain or not.


I can't say enough about Dr. Robert Newhalfen (Dr. Bob) and his team at Northwest Indiana Chiropractic Health. I met Dr. Bob at a local chamber meeting and was hesitant to make an appointment at first. But Dr. Bob's down-to-earth, friendly bedside manner eased my worries, so I made an appointment for a free consultation. Glad I did because it changed my life for the better! Dr. Bob has managed to nearly restore the range of motion in my neck from a 20-year-old car accident injury. In addition, his holistic approach has helped me just feel better in general. I have a pep in my step and energy level I haven't had for years. My friends and family have commented on it for the past couple of months, so much so, in fact, that it has motivated my Mom to become a patient of Dr. Bob's as well. Many doctors and chiropractors wouldn't touch my Mom because she has had back and neck surgery and has rods, pins and screws throughout her spine. She has been in terrible pain for almost five years now. But since Dr. Bob started treating her, she has gone off of all her pain medications except one! He has managed to not only bring her pain level down but also improve her movement and quality of life. Her journey is far from over but she is now well on her way to re-joining the world and enjoying her life again. I can't thank Dr. Bob for giving my family our Mom back! If you are in pain, go see Dr. Bob at Northwest Indiana Chiropractic Health. You won't be disappointed!


Five Stars