Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy or an “adjustment” refers to a high-velocity low-amplitude thrust (a gentle but firm movement) to help restore function and motion to a joint that has become restricted or “stuck”.  The adjustment  also stimulates the nervous system to help reduce pain and relax local musculature.  The “popping’ noise often heard during an adjustment  is the release of nitrogen gas from a joint capsule.  Research supports that motion is restored to a restricted joint following Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy but no bones are moved for this to happen. There are many studies that have proven the effectiveness and safety of a Chiropractic adjustment. Research shows that a person is more likely to be hit by lightning than suffer a major side effect from an adjustment!  Patients who receive Chiropractic adjustments report high levels of satisfaction as well.  As a result of these findings, Chiropractic adjustments have been published as a gold standard technique for the treatment of low back pain since the mid 1990′s.  More and more research continues to be performed on the effectiveness of Chiropractic adjustments in conditions such as neck pain, headaches and more.


Motion palpation is a diagnostic technique used by our Chiropractic Physicians to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and extremities.  It requires manually testing the different motions of a joint to determine if there are restrictions in any of the ranges of motion.  Too much or too little movement in any range of motion within a joint is what often leads to pain.  By manually assessing various joint ranges of motion, we can get a much more precise idea of how your body is moving and where it might need to need to move better.  If it is determined that a joint is not moving correctly using motion palpation, we may perform any number of procedures including an adjustment and/or a mobilization.