Foam Rolling

Foam rolling has really grown in popularity over the last few years. It benefits conditions that range from disuse of muscle to overuse and injury.

How does it work? I am so glad you asked! 

  The soft connective tissue located directly below the skin is called the superficial fascia. The Superficial fascia wraps around bones and ligaments and muscles and nerves of the body and makes up the myofascial system. 

The myofascial system can be very delicate!  If you have a desk job and you sit all day long, or if you have an extremely active  lifestyle  and you don't stretch enough the fascia begins to get stuck,   and an adhesion forms. You know how you get rid of that adhesion? Well, you can get a massage every single day, or you can simply use your foam roller!

The foam roller is a great tool to use  in your own home. You dictate just exactly how much pressure you allow when you are using the foam roller, so you are in control.  

Common places to use the foam roller include the iliotibial band, lower back, upper back / shoulders, and thigh area. These are large muscle group areas, so they benefit the most from the foam roller.

By balancing and supporting your body over the foam roller, and placing the body part that you are experiencing pain  in  directly onto the foam roller and gently  rolling back and forth , the foam roller will apply and even amount of pressure that will gently  help remove the adhesions that cause pain.  

It is the equivalent to getting a mini massage  anytime you want!  

It can be painful at first, but the more often you  utilize this tool the less painful it becomes.  

Still not sure that foam rolling is for you? Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our  massage therapist or rehab specialists ! We will get you on the right track and you will be a foam rolling expert in no time!