Our bodies are designed to move.


I think we all relate movement and exercise to  spandex, personal trainers and expensive gym memberships.  However,   any kind of movement at all is better than none!  

According to  a team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, inactivity was associated with more than 9 million cases of cardiovascular disease in 2001 alone!  That is an estimated medical cost of nearly 24 billion dollars!  All directly due to a lack of movement!  

Exercise, or movement, can be done just about  anywhere!  Run up and down the stairs in your home a few times to get your heart rate up! Go for a long walk with your dog in the crisp fall air. Park in the very back of the parking lot when you go grocery shopping  and  walk briskly into the store!  

The type of movement you decide to do does not matter nearly as much as the fact that you have decided to move. Without movement our body starts to slowly  breakdown.  We lose muscle mass and stamina and are muscle fibers get  thick and sticky! And eventually movement becomes painful, and we begin to do it less and less .......and less.

Exercise, or movement, can help control weight,  it combats health conditions and diseases, it improves mood, it boosts energy  and it can help you sleep better!  

  So, what are you waiting for? Start with 15 minutes a day and go from there!

Put it on your calendar  or your list of things to do for the day and get it done!  You wouldn't miss a hair appointment if it was on your calendar, would you? No way! So get it on the calendar and get moving!