Benefits of Massage

Massage can be beneficial in so many ways!   Not only can massage help you feel better physically, but it helps with emotional issues as well. Getting a massage regularly can help naturally reduce stress levels, which in turn will help you sleep better and feel better overall. Check out this diagram to learn a little bit about the benefits of Massage.


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Meet Dr. Bob!

  • OCTOBER 17, 2017

Meet Robert Newhalfen of Northwest Indiana Chiropractic Health


Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Newhalfen.

Robert, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I was a multi-sport athlete in high school. I ran cross country and track as well as played basketball. During basketball season I had various injuries including low back injuries and many ankle sprains. Our local Chiropractic Physician helped out our basketball team by treating the injured athletes, myself included. We got to know each other and at that point I decided I wanted to become a Chiropractic Physician. I went to undergrad at Illinois State University and then went to Chiropractic school at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.

After school, I worked for several offices in Chicago in the Jefferson Park and Lincoln Square neighborhoods. I learned a lot at those two jobs about what worked, what didn’t work and how I wanted to practice.

At a certain point, I decided it was time to branch out on my own and I decided to open up my own clinic in the town of Schererville, Indiana.

I mix a lot of different techniques together as my personal philosophy is to do what is best and most efficient for the patient. We combine a lot of cutting edge Chiropractic and rehabilitation technique with really cool technology and other ideas. I am always on the lookout for items, techniques or tech that might help a person with little to no risk involved. I think it this philosophy and willingness to continually get better and look for more for my patients that has helped our business grow to the size we have so quickly.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Lol, definitely not. Owning a business and being a doctor are two totally different skill sets and knowledge bases. There has been a lot to learn on both fronts, more so on the business side of things. Learning how to balance patient care, customer service and running a business has been one of the biggest struggles. My guiding philosophy has always been to do right by the patients, always. That philosophy has worked very well for me but does come at a cost that at first, I wasn’t fully aware of. It costs a lot of time and mental effort to maintain that philosophy, which I am ok with but it took me some years in business to balance that cost with my family and personal life. Example, I would often stay up until 11:00 pm at night doing notes, managing the business or thinking about a certain patient that I just wanted to help a little faster. When you have a 1 or 2-year-old, that’s just not something you can do night in and night out if you want to sleep and stay sane. So I have had to learn how to manage my time more efficiently over the years and pick and choose my battles.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Northwest Indiana Chiropractic Health – what should we know?
We have 3 locations currently throughout NW Indiana (Schererville, Crown Point and Valparaiso). We specialize in Chiropractic and Rehabilitation for musculoskeletal problems but we offer other services as well including massage therapy, nutrition and acupuncture. We do our absolute best to treat the entire person from a functional perspective. Meaning, just because your knee hurts doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a knee problem. We often find people with knee pain have ankle mobility (flexibility) and hip stability (strength and control) problems and the knee is just the guy or gal caught in the middle of the fight. We also find that just because people have a structural deformity (such as a disc bulge or a meniscus tear) doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have pain. I have several patients right now that have MRI verified meniscus tears that are training for marathons and performing CrossFit without pain. Meaning, if a person’s function is good enough a lot of time structural lesions really aren’t that big of a deal. It’s like have a 1967 Ford Mustang that has a perfect engine and is firing on all cylinders but maybe has an old paint job or has a few dings in the hood. Are you still going to drive that car? Heck yes you are because it’s fast and it’s awesome. That’s what we want for our clients. Who cares if you have a few dings in the hood (disc bulge, meniscus tear, whatever), I want your body functioning as optimally as possible. Very often the pain goes away and people start feeling and functioning better than they have in years.

A few techniques we specialize in as well are Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Active Release Technique (ART) and GRIP Approach. These are all cutting edge techniques in the rehab and human performance fields and widely used throughout amateur, collegiate and professional sports. One of the head trainers for the Chicago Cubs is well known to be a big DNS fan!

We take, what I believe, to be a very logical and practical approach to helping people function better with the least amount of intervention necessary. I want to teach people how to take care of themselves so eventually and ideally, they don’t need me anymore. We have a TON of tools and techniques to help people reach their goals and that is one of the biggest things that sets us apart. The other is our mindset and attitude to help people get better each and every visit.

As a company, we are proud of the team we have put together. Each and every individual at our company truly wants to help people better themselves and is willing to constantly learn more in order to do that.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Honesty, I am as open and honest as they come about my business and everything involved with it. I am honest with my patients, honest with my team and honest with myself. I know what my limits are and when I need to ask for help. I am honest with my team about what is going on with our business. I am honest with my patients about what I can and cannot do for them and what they need to do for themselves. I really think people appreciate the honesty on all fronts.


  • A new cash client is $135 for a 1 hour visit.
  • Follow ups are $55/visit.

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Leaky What?

“All disease begins in the gut”  Hipppcrates, The Father of Modern Medicine.

   Leaky Gut is getting more and more attention by the media lately due to its broad range of symptoms and causes. Leaky Gut is a term used to explain a condition in the intestines where large particles are passing through the “junctions” and being absorbed into the bloodstream. Our bodies are designed to have tight “junctions” in our intestines so only small particles can freely flow through and enter into our bloodstream. Large particles of food can overwhelm our system. Ever hear of too much of a good thing? This is a prime example. Our bodies may be able to break down proteins such as gluten and casein in small doses, but when we develop Leaky Gut too much of these proteins escape the gut and enter our bloodstream and eventually lead to food sensitivities and overall malfunction in our bodies such as allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and so much more.

   So, how do you know if you have Leaky gut? Good question! Many people suffer from this condition and don’t even know it! People who are most commonly affected by Leaky Gut include people who suffer from food allergies, Inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and/or irritable bowel syndrome), autoimmume disease, thyroid issues, malabsorbtion of nutrients, inflammatory skin disease and mood disorders.

   What causes Leaky Gut? Another great question! The most common causes of Leaky Gut is any one or a combination of the following:

  1. Poor diet

  2. Chronic Stress

  3. Toxin Overload

  4. Bacteria Imbalance

Essentially Leaky Gut is having the floodgates in your intestines wide open and all the sugars, gluten, casein and processed foods that we consume have free range throughout our bodies.

There are no standardized tests for Leaky Gut! There is no magic pill or over the counter fix for Leaky Gut!  As a matter of fact, Leaky Gut is not acknowledged by the majority of the medical community. It is up to you to help you!

Good news! It is fixable. It takes a lot of work, and lifestyle change but it is definitely fixable.

So, how do I cure my Leaky Gut? I am so glad you asked.

Lifestyle changes including diet, stress management, physical activity and rest are at the very top of this particular priority list.

*Probiotics! A tiny little pill full of good bacteria strains could make all the difference in the world! Balancing the gut flora (bacteria) is very important! When the bad bacteria takes over our health goes downhill….FAST! Take back your gut and feed it a good probiotic every day!

*Foods like bone broth, organic protein (hemp, chicken, wild bison,wild caught salmon etc..), Green leafy vegetables, non acidic fruits and lots of water are the best way to get a jump on curing Leaky Gut.

* Stress management is tough, but stress is a silent killer. Stress causes malfunction all over the body, including the digestive tract. Take time every day to do something you enjoy.

* Get outside and go for a walk! Sedentary lifestyle causes a sedentary intestines. Keep things moving! Your body and your bowels!

Do you think you may have Leaky gut? Do you need some help taking the first steps toward healing your gut? Call us today and set up an appointment to talk to me about getting you health back!

Written by: BrynAlyn Evorik, Health Coach

Massage Success Story


My name is Genevieve Conley and I'd like to tell you about an amazing experience I've had.
Being a massage therapist has allowed me to help one of my favorite people in the world: my father. Several years ago he was told that he needed foot surgery,  but could not find a surgeon to perform the procedure because of how bad the circulation in his legs and feet were from being diabetic for over half of his life .
Hearing this news I began giving him leg massage once a week to improve the circulation. After about two months  you could see a noticeable difference in his legs. They had become much less swollen and his skin returned to its normal texture and color.
After about 9 months his surgeon said that his circulation had improved so much that they would perform the surgery but warned that it would take longer for his foot to heal than most people who have the surgery.
After the surgery was performed I continued to massage my father's legs. His doctor was very pleased that he was healing faster than expected.
It has now been about 2 year since my father's foot surgery and I'm still giving him leg massages. He feels that it has helped him be more active and his doctor told me that I may have saved his legs from amputation.
Massage therapy is an excellent way to improve your circulation and reduce inflammation. So if you have circulation or swelling problems please come visit us and we'll help you the best we can

Below are actual photos of my father's legs before and after:

Gen Before.png
Gen after.jpg

Chiropractic: The new standard of pregnancy

Written by: Dr. Stacy Fuller

During pregnancy most women take every precaution possible to ensure a healthy, safe pregnancy. We go to regular appointments with our OB or midwife, we refrain from certain foods and we take our prenatal vitamins religiously. So why are we not more concerned with the position and movement of our pelvis?


Most women do not think about the mobility and alignment of their pelvis until they either experience pain or are quickly approaching their delivery date.  Chiropractic care can still correct and alleviate many issues at these points, but why not take care of ourselves before there is an issue. After all, you don’t wait to see your OB or midwife until after you are worried something is wrong, you go right away to monitor potential issues. So why take that approach with chiropractic care?


Chiropractic care during pregnancy is essential for maintaining proper spinal and pelvic alignment during pregnancy. It would be very difficult to go through pregnancy without any misalignments and/or muscular and ligamentous imbalances due to the rapid change in the mom’s body while accommodating the growing uterus. Treatment of these issues is important not only for the mother’s health and comfort, but for the babies as well. For example, a restriction of one side of the pelvis could lead to sciatic nerve pain for the mom due to an increase in the tension of external hip rotator muscles leading to compression of the nerve as it travels underneath these muscles. It could also lead to breech positioning for the baby due to space constrictions making it difficult or impossible for the baby to turn to the proper head down position prior to delivery. If this positioning is not corrected prior to delivery most healthcare providers insist on a C-section, which is not optimal for mother or baby. Now this is not to say that if you are restricted on one side of your pelvis that you are going to have sciatic pain or a breech baby leading to a C-section, but eating deli meat doesn’t guarantee a bacterial infection either. The point here is risk. Why risk a potential problem when prevention is so simple.


There are currently no documented, evidence-based contraindications to chiropractic care during any stage of pregnancy. Regular adjustments, and specifically Webster technique with breech babies, has been shown to decrease labor time, decrease the need for medical interventions and increase the likelihood of a complication free delivery. So, if chiropractic care can help during both pregnancy and labor why not incorporate it as a standard component of care for all pregnancies?


If you or someone you know is pregnant consider utilizing chiropractic care. It’s never too early to start and you’ll probably be grateful you did!


Contact our office if you have more questions.

pregnancy chiro.jpg